Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A new year!

Hello Friend,
It has been a while. I hope you are well. As it is with the blessing of a new year, I'm sure you find yourself reflecting on the past year and looking ahead, possibly setting goals for 2015. May I encourage you, as I encourage myself, to make the Lord a MAJOR priority! I pray all your resolutions involve Him and that you strive to make a difference in your life and this world for Him. Find a way to reflect His light and further His kingdom!

Find Joy in Him, Beloved!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Good news!

Hello Friend! I am unsure of your religious background, but regardless of whether or not you grew up in a godly home or went to church, or whatever the state you're in spiritually, I'd love to know your opinion because it matters to me! You matter!

Please watch this short video & feel free to comment on why you do or do not agree with this Gospel message. Here's to strengthening our beliefs!!
Find Joy in Him, Beloved!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Where are you headed?!

Hello sweet friend,
Which one have you chosen? Heaven or hell?
This video is over an hour long, but it is worth the watch! Why not choose to watch this rather than the movie you thought you'd end the evening with?! You won't be sorry. It is always a good thing to consider your life after death. You may not have thought much about it, but you are living a dream and death is when you wake to your eternal future. 
Heaven and hell are REAL and hell is Not the place for you, beloved. No matter what you've done, you don't want to end up there. In hell, there will be no end to the searing pain, complete darkness, unimaginable terrors. Are you willing to risk suffering for an eternity with no hope of being saved? Jesus Christ wants to save you NOW! We are not promised a tomorrow, but we are promised a future. Where are you going to spend it? 
PLEASE choose Christ! Choose Heaven. I want to see you there!
Find Joy in Him, Beloved!